A residency at ZSenne Artlab had me experimenting with some new idea’s for visual work. Although I strive for a low to no-waste way of living, it has to be said that is quite a challenge. Just to have an idea of how much I consume in packaging alone, I had been collecting every plastic package of (evidently non food) items I purchased over a few months time. Looking for new purpouse of these obsolete items, it was a challenge to find something for an item that, all in all, has a certain aesthetic quality. The inspiration came from my time in boarding school, where I captured spiders under a plastic package just to see how long I could keep them alive.

I played around with all kind of objects to combine them with, but in the end I stuck to the pierced stones I found on a Croatian beach last year. It made me think of the bell jars that used to clad people’s interiors.

But maybe it’s better to just simply recycle them?