Sam Vanoverschelde (05/05/73) is a director and photographer that kicked off in the VJ and live AV scene with the Visual Kitchen collective. Playing underground as well as the established events, Visual Kitchen also explored the experimental classical music world transforming musical scores from the likes of Xenakis, Stockhausen, Berio or Feldman into imagery. He took part in producing the Cimatics festival, presenting the up and coming AV and digital arts scene to the Brussels public. In 2008, Sam teamed up with director Davis Freeman and theyโ€™ve been regularly working together ever since. Being born in the WW1 battlefields area and carrying a family history going back to that time, he collaborated on the commemoration events with GoneWest and set up projects exploring history as a research base for his photography and visual art. Lately, itโ€™s been all about ‘the archive’ and how a complete carreer fits into boxes. Only to be opened up again to present the stories they contain.

Oh, and he can spin some nice tunes as wellโ€ฆ

contact: sam[at] / +32 495 325 421

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