In 2015 GoneWest engaged us as directors for the event ‘Woordfront’ commemorating the first gas-attacks of WW1. In Tielt, the military headquarter-city of the German army from where the attacks were ordered, we setup four groups of volunteers that marched towards the central square. During the procession each group declamated a poem, one for each emotion: Fear, Grief, Anger and Hope. The groups were led by marching bands, mostly brass, playing compositions by Inne Eysermans (Amatorski). At the central square, they were met by three ladies, amongst them the writer of the poems, Saskia De Coster. From the belfry, they started a dialogue with the 1500 volunteers that gathered around in a grand finale.

The event was broadcasted live on local tv-station Focus-WTV, mixed by Erik Hauters.

Unfortunately there’s no full video online anymore, but here’s some things that are still online:

a video on VTM News

a VRT/NWS report and one in dutch

a local blogger, in dutch, but has some pictures.

De Morgen

De Standaard