CVO Lethas

The latest production in the non-cultural field: an online video campaign for CVO Lethas. CVO stands for ‘centre for adult education’. It’s a school that provides and specializes in education for non-native speakers from all backgrounds (i.e. ‘newcomers’ as well as ‘expats’, what makes it an intriguing mix) to learn dutch, french and english as well as providing a secundary education for those who couldn’t finish it within the classical school system.

I was asked to write and create a campaign video for the school’s activities to be presented at the inaugural event of the new campus and mainwhile create a social media campaign. After a first contact we swiftly decided on the scenario, look and feel and created these little films made interely with actual students and teachers. No acting involved, unless the voluntary cooperation of students who took it up as the engagement they felt due for the education and environment provided.

Always a pleasure to create something real…

The 60 sec french version is here:

and the 60 sec english version:

the 30 sec versions are coming soon…

and the square format for instagram: