The latest residency at ZSenne Artlab has turned the place into a full-on exhibition space, presenting a series called ‘Marklin’. I have previously experimented with the series during the very first ‘Archive of Untold Stories’ but now I’ve taken the step of making the large format prints this series needs to be gazed upon.

‘Marklin’ is a series that reflects on how mankind treats Mother Earth. Each time I take a plane, I shoot through the window with my LCA-compact camera, while the landscape disappears underneath me. The series expresses a nostalgic fantasy, but also that universal vision in dreams, to fly without wings, or to fall out of a nightmare. 

Given the state of the world we’re living in right now, what I’ve registered might soon be gone for good. The strange aesthetics of these images pushes one to reflect on how we are dealing with our habitat. 

The pandemic urged me to review my means of living as well, so I’m blatantly stating it as it is: I’m presenting this work to survive the consecutive waves of lockdowns and closures in the cultural field. 

From Saturday 22st to Saturday 29th 2022, I presented several large prints and a portfolio with a few dozens of preview pictures. For more background and some previews: check the pdf.

some pictures of the space:

and for those who want to have an idea of the collection, here’s a few dozen, selected from a body of work that counts over 500 negatives…