Kunstvrienden Catalog

As the conservation of the heritage of my great-grandfather Joe English and our family archive in general is one of the many aspects in my work, I’m part of an informal network of collectors, connaisseurs and experts in the field of Belgian painters from the 1830-ies to the 1950-ies, called Kunstvrienden (‘artfriends’). Back in april ’23, we started concocting a plan to create a catalog of all the artists and schools that we represent. I took up the function of layouter and together with Jacques Laperre (Lucien Frank collector and editor at ‘Melijn‘) and Luc De Wilder (Guillaume Van Strydonck collector and head of the ‘Heemkundekring Machala‘) we acted as the editorial trio. The catalog, presenting 31 articles on painters and schools, was printed on 300 copies and presented at a gathering in Mechelen on october 28th. There’s still a few copies left: if you’re interested feel free to send me an email, the catalog costs 20€+shipping. Just to give you an idea, here’s some spreads from the book.

deliberately set to random order, just buy the book, okay?!