Universal Minutes Covid19 ed.

During the quarantine I took part in a Random Scream project ‘Universal Minutes’ conceived by my friend Davis Freeman. From march 23d to may 1st, at 17:21pm sharp, I took pictures together with my fellow photographers, wherever we were. I took a batch of perished polaroids from the archives and took several shots within that one minute. Time took its toll on these polaroids, they hardly could develop properly as they dried out over the years. Some simply wouldn’t expose, so I pressure-painted the emulsion. A relative experience of time in this relative time experience the quarantine enforced us. Check out the complete series here.

I’m selling these time pieces now, at 50€ a pop but for each sale 10€ goes to Couscous Connection a project of a neighbour of mine, distributing free meals twice a week for the poor, homeless and needy in my area.

Oh, and if there’s competition, may the highest bidder win or bribe me.

The series is on display at the group exhibition ‘Over tijd – Du temps’ at De Markten in Brussels from sept 17th to november 8th. It had to shut down earlier because of covid restrictions, but there’s a guided tour by curator Nora Kempeneer (in dutch) so you can have a virtual visit (and some pictures)