Sketchnotes and drawings

While following the collective discussion on Social Security in the arts (in the framework of the “Fair Arts Almanac 2022” and “How to Live & Work Now” at Kaaitheater) I made some sketchnotes of the break-out sessions and sent them to SOTA. Little later they got back to me and asked if I could do more like that for the upcoming actions addressing the arts decree the flemish government has rewritten while everybody was busy surviving a complete shutdown of the cultural sector. The first pic will also be published in a book ‘Zonder Kunstenaars, Geen Kunstboek’ NICC is printing.

‘Le Travail Invisible, enchanté…’
De korf wordt alsmaar ruimer

I also made a ‘Jambingo’ card taking up 8 quotes (black) from prime and cultural minister Jan Jambon and 8 requisitions (red) by the organisation. The ministers promises don’t really match his decisions made for this new law, so there’s 8 claims that SOTA (and quite a broad spectrum of art organisations joining them) is putting forward.

Then there were some cartoons as well, but they didn’t survive the selection comittee, nonetheless, worth being out here…