the Extinction Survival Archive

The Extinction Survival Archive is a spin-off archive of the ‘Archive of Untold Stories’ where we look into the possibilities of survival in a post-apocalyptic world.

The Extinction Survival Archive started during a previous residency at ZSenne Artlab. The pandemic has turned the attention away from an impending problem: The tipping point of our climate, the inescapable ecological disaster if we don’t take action. The apocalypse hasn’t been repelled, so we might as wel think about survival in such circumstances. How can I leave my children, who only know the internet as a source of knowledge, the necessary information if electricity might not even be available?

Last edition the premise resulted in a naive, humbling collection of books, for parents and children. Now, I’m looking for people who can share the knowledge to survive such an apocalypse. This time I was talking to (an) expert(s) (one had to cancel due to illness) and our findings were presented live on Saturday february 21st at 17h. With Ir. Geert Palmers, a founder of the durable energy study bureau 3E, we were challenging the energy question under those circumstances. Check out the full interview here:

With the collaboration of Davis Freeman and Stephy Maes who runs the multicam stream. The presentation is english spoken.

Funded by the cultural activities support by the Flemish Community